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Exploiting Synergistic Effects of Landscape Pattern on Coexistence between Urban Development and Biological Conservation
Landscape and Urban Planning / ELSEVIER                                                                             
revised /2020
First and corresponding author
Impact factor: 5.144 in 2018 (Rank 1st/40 in Urban Studies; Rank 4th/83 in Geography)

Landscape and Urban Planning / ELSEVIER                                                                             01/24/2018 
First and corresponding author
Impact factor: 5.144 in 2018 (Rank 1st/40 in Urban Studies; Rank 4th/83 in Geography)

Biological Conservation / ELSEVIER                                                                                                  08/2018 
Impact factor: 4.451 in 2018(Rank 7th/59 in n Biodiversity Conservation; Rank 22th/165 in Ecology; Rank 46th/251 in  Environmental Sciences)

Developing a conjunctive use optimization model for allocating surface and subsurfacewater in an off-stream artificial lake system.
Water / MDPI                                                                                                                                    07/26/2016 
Co- author
Impact factor: 2.524 in 2018 (Rank 29th/91 in Water Resources)

Environments / MDPI                                                                                                                      05/29/2015 
Co- author

Sustainability / MDPI                                                                                                                        12/09/2014 
First author
Impact factor:2.592 in 2018 ( Rank 105th/251 in Environmental Sciences )

Environmental Modelling and Software/ELSEVIER                                                                      07/01/2014 
Corresponding author
Impact factor: 4.552 in 2018 ( Rank 13th/106 in Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications; Rank 43th/251 in Environmental Sciences)

Journal of Environmental Management/ELSEVIER                                                                      04/12/2014 
First author
Impact factor: 4.865 in 2018 (Rank 37th/251 in Environmental Sciences)

Applying Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network to the Conjunctive Use of Surface and Subsurface Water.
Water Resources Management/Springer                                                                                                   2013 
Impact factor: 2.987 in 2018  (Rank 18th/81 in Water Resources)

A system dynamic model and sensitivity analysis for simulating domestic pollution removal in a free water surface constructed wetland.
Water Air Soil Pollution/Springer                                                                                                                2012 
Impact factor: 1.744 in 20168 ( Rank 161th/251 in Environmental Sciences )

Monitoring and estimating the flow conditions and fish occurrence probability under various flow conditions at reach scale using Genetic algorithms and Kriging methods. 
Ecological Modeling/ ELSEVIER                                                                                                                   2011
Impact factor: 2.643 in 2018 (Rank 63th/165 in Ecology)

Modeling the Hydrologic Effect of Dynamic Land Use Change using a Distributed Hydrologic Model and a Spatial Land-use Allocation Model.
Hydrological Processes/Wiley                                                                                                                      2010
Impact factor: 3.189 in 2018 (Rank 16th/91 in Water Resources)