About Me

黃浚瑋  Chun-Wei Huang 
Postdoctoral Researcher Scholar
Dept. of Geography, National Taiwan University
Principle Investigator of MOST, Taiwan project
"Developing Landscape Planning Strategies for Mitigating Global Urbanization Based on Deep Learning" 
No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei 10617, Taiwan.
chun-wei.huang@aya.yale.edu | yolatengoseam@gmail.com

I am interested in trade-offs between urbanization and biodiversity conservation, landscape ecology, systematic conservation planning and land governance related to biodiversity conservation. My expertise consists of ecological/environmental modeling, spatial optimization, uncertainty analysis and artificial intelligence. Currently, I am focusing on exploring the global influence of urban expansion on biodiversity loss and how the weak governance may shape the urban expansion that affects biological conservation.

The role of land governance in conserving biodiversity:
The effects of urban land expansion on places with high conservation value will depend largely on the ability of national and sub-national governments to make policies that can effectively manage and shape urban growth. Our study indicates that if predicted urban expansion continues, by 2030, more than two-thirds of all species impacted by urban expansion will occur in countries with low levels of political stability or regulatory quality. Land-use planning cannot be the sole solution for preventing urban-caused global biodiversity decline, but rather that different categories of countries need contrasting conservation strategies. Countries that have high potential biodiversity impact and low land governance capacity require short-term conservation strategies which facilitate public participation, as well as international aid and development to increase governance capacity. Furthermore, enhanced coordination across different decision-making levels is important so that strategies at a single scale do not counterbalance efforts at other levels.

Biodiversity impact due to urbanization overlapped with land governance represented by the WGIs (Hunag et al., 2018). Countries in red will face to integrated impact by low level of  land governance and high level of urban expansion on biodiversity areas.

Systematic conservation planning & Ecological modeling:
I am interested in how to design a suitable landscape structure for conservation purposes. I developed a spatial optimization-based land-use allocation model, termed Dynamically Dimensioned Search Landscape Optimization Planning model (DDSLOP), which can effectively deliver optimized landscape designs for conserving bird species by promoting their habitat suitability. Furthermore, the multi-objective DDSLOP was applied to advance the guidelines of landscape design by taking the trade-off between suitability indices of species and human habitat into consideration. As such, the study can help identify the potential of synergic use of land resources for urban development and biological conservation. 




National Taiwan University                                                                                                                                                Taipei, Taiwan
Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering in Major                                                                                                09/2010 - 06/2015
Ph. D.
Relevant Coursework: Landscape Ecology/ Systematic Conservation Planning/ Land-use Change Modeling/ Heuristic Algorithms/ Spatial Optimization Methods/ Spatial Conservation Prioritization

National Chiao Tung University                                                                                                                               Hsinchu, Taiwan
Master of Civil Engineering in Major                                                                                                                     09/2003 - 07/2005
(Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering Program)
Relevant Coursework: Water Resource Management/ Groundwater Flow Modeling/ Data Mining/ Artificial Neural Network/ Environmental Hydrogeology/ Open Channel Flow/ Genetic Algorithms

Work and Leadership Experience

National Chiao Tung University                                                                                        HsinchuTaiwan
Post Doctoral Researcher, Dept. of Civil Engineering                                                          10/2015 –  Now

·      The study of adaption strategyfor groundwater disaster mitigation in Changhua and Yunlin areas         (I), Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan. MOST-104-2811-M- 009-082 (2015).
·      The study of adaption strategyfor groundwater disaster mitigation in Changhua and Yunlin areas         (II), Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan. MOST-104-2811-M- 009-082 (2016).
·      The study of adaption strategyfor groundwater disaster mitigation in Changhua and Yunlin areas         (III), Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan. MOST-104-2811-M- 009-082 (2017).

Yale University                                                                                                               New Haven, CT, USA
Post Doctoral Researcher, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies        04/2016 – 05/2017

·      Adapting Land-use Pattern to Environmental Change on Ecosystem Services in Urban Areas: Simulation and               Trade-off Analysis. Ministry of Science and Technology Overseas Project for Post Graduate Research. Taiwan and       USA. MOST-1052917I564010 (04/2016-04/2017)

Ming Chi University of Technology                                                                                      Taipei, Taiwan
Adjunct Assistant Professor ,The General Education Center                                              09/2014Now
·      Lecturer of Biodiversity and Conservation
·      Lecturer of Ecosystem Services and Environmental Management

Sinotech Engineering Consults, Ltd.                                                                                    Taipei, Taiwan
Environmental Engineer, Environmental Engineering Dept II.                                 03/200803/2009
·      Investigating Soil and Groundwater Pollution at the Gas Stations in Taiwan (the Fourth Project), 
     2008, Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan, Taiwan. EPA-96-GA12-02-A216 
     . (03/2008-03/2009)
·      Proposal, Inspection of Facilities for Preventing the Pollution of Groundwater Bodies and 
     Monitoring Equipment in Gas Stations, and Consultation on the Online Declaration System for 
     2009,  Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan, Taiwan. EPA-98-GA12-03-
     A037. (2008).
·      Participation in projects:
      o   Proposal, Inspection of Facilities for Preventing the Pollution of Groundwater Bodies and
          Monitoring Equipment in Gas Stations, and Consultation on the Online Declaration System for
          2009,  Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan, Taiwan. EPA-98-GA12-03-
          A037. (2008)
o   Proposal, Investigating Soil and Groundwater Pollution at the Gas Stations in Taiwan (the Fifth 
    Project), Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan, Taiwan. EPA-098-GA102-
    03-A058 (2009).

Journal papers

Landscape and Urban Planning / ELSEVIER                                                                             01/24/2018 
First and corresponding author
Impact factor: 4.563 in 2016 (Rank 1st/38 in Urban Studies; Rank 4th/79 in Geography)

Biological Conservation / ELSEVIER                                                                                                  08/2018 
Impact factor: 4.022 in 2016(Rank 8th/54 in n Biodiversity Conservation; Rank 33th/153 in Ecology; Rank 38th/229 in  Environmental Science)

Developing a conjunctive use optimization model for allocating surface and subsurfacewater in an off-stream artificial lake system.
Water / MDPI                                                                                                                                    07/26/2016 
Co- author
Impact factor: 1.832 in 2016 (Rank 34th/88 in Water Resources)

Environments / MDPI                                                                                                                      05/29/2015 
Co- author

Sustainability / MDPI                                                                                                                        12/09/2014 
First author
Impact factor:1.789 in 2016 ( Rank 119th/229 in Environmental Science; Rank 47th/105 in Environmental Studies )

Environmental Modelling and Software/ELSEVIER                                                                      07/01/2014 
Corresponding author
Impact factor: 4.404 in 2016( Rank 6th/105 in Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications; Rank 25th/229 in Environmental Science)

Journal of Environmental Management/ELSEVIER                                                                      04/12/2014 
First author
Impact factor: 4.010 in 2016 (Rank 39th/229 in Environmental Science)

Applying Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network to the Conjunctive Use of Surface and Subsurface Water.
Water Resources Management/Springer                                                                                                   2013 
Impact factor: 2.484 in 2016  (Rank 14th/88 in Water Resources; Rank 16th/125 in Engineering, Civil)

A system dynamic model and sensitivity analysis for simulating domestic pollution removal in a free water surface constructed wetland.
Water Air Soil Pollution/Springer                                                                                                                2012 
Impact factor: 1.702 in 2016  (Rank 49th/84 in Methodology and Atmospheric Sciences; Rank 124th/229 in Environmental Sciences; 39th/88 in Water Resources )

Monitoring and estimating the flow conditions and fish occurrence probability under various flow conditions at reach scale using Genetic algorithms and Kriging methods. 
Ecological Modeling/ ELSEVIER                                                                                                                   2011
Impact factor: 2.363 in 2016 (Rank 59th/153  in Ecology

Modeling the Hydrologic Effect of Dynamic Land Use Change using a Distributed Hydrologic Model and a Spatial Land-use Allocation Model.
Hydrological Processes/Wiley                                                                                                                      2010
Impact factor: 3.014 in 2016 (Rank 11th/88 in Water Resources)



  1. 黃浚瑋、林裕彬、丁宗蘇、王咏潔。民國102年。農業環境景觀生態保育多目標規劃-以高山農場鳥類保育為例。農工學報 60(3): 30-41。(EI)。 
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Conference papers

  1. Huang, C.-W., Hui-Xian Lau, 2019, Global analysis for recognizing the relationships between urban biodiversity and urban landscape patterns. American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting. DC. USA.(Accepted) 
  2. Huang, C.-W., Chung-I Chen, 2018, Evaluating Ecosystem Services of a Campus in an Urban Area Based on Social Values.. 2018 Asia Global Land Project Conference. Taiwan. Taipei. 
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  4. Huang, C.-W., Y.-P. Lin, 2014, Developing a Cell-Based Spatial Optimization Model for Land-use Patterns Planning. 2014 Asia Global Land Project Conference. Taiwan. Taipei. Suggested paper for Sustainability (Sustainability | An Open Access Journal from MDPI)
  5. Huang, C.-W., Y.-P. Lin, Huang, T., Chiang, L.-C., Hu, M.-C., 2012, Assessing the Ecosystem Services of Water Resources and Runoff Regulation in the Upstream of Highly Urbanized Area - A case study in Wutu Watershed, Taiwan. International Conference on Hydrology and Ground Water Expo. USA. SA.
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  8. 黃浚瑋 (2019)「全球都市化下的生態保育:淺談人工智慧方法與土地治理策略」,2019臺灣地球科學聯合學術研討會,台北,台灣。
  9. 黃浚瑋 (2019)「緩解生態保與都市發展之地景規劃策略研究」,2019第二十三屆國土規劃論壇,臺南,台灣。
  10. 黃浚瑋、丁宗蘇 (2018)「系統性保育規劃模式於台灣鳥類生態保育之運用」,2018動物行為暨生態研討會,新竹,台灣。
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  1. 黃浚瑋、沈明得、陳忠義、謝心怡、劉彥蘭(2016)。大自然生態系統服務-以明志科技大學校園生態為例。新北市。致知學術出版社。


Technical reports


Participation in project:

  1. Developing Land-use Planning Strategies for Mitigating Global Urbanization Based on Deep Learning. 基於深度學習之全球都市化地景調適策略建立。MOST-107-2410-H-002-245-MY3. (08/2018-07/2021). (Principal Investigator 計畫主持人)
  2. Adapting Land-use Pattern to Environmental Change on Ecosystem Services in Urban Areas: Simulation and Trade-off Analysis. Oversea Project for Post Graduate Research. Ministry of Science and Technology. MOST-105-2917-I-564-010 (04/2016-04-2017). (Principal Investigator 計畫主持人)
  3. 搶救歷史記憶‧深根在地文化─北台首學文藝復興計畫,教育部補助大學實踐社會責任計畫,民國107年。(協同主持人)
  4. 彰雲地區供水與抗旱策略研究及成效評估─子計畫:彰雲地區地下水管理減災調適策略研究(III),科技部,民國106-107年。
  5. 彰雲地區供水與抗旱策略研究及成效評估─子計畫:彰雲地區地下水管理減災調適策略研究(II),科技部,民國105-106年。
  6. 彰雲地區供水與抗旱策略研究及成效評估─子計畫:彰雲地區地下水管理減災調適策略研究(I),科技部,民國104-105年。
  7. 歐盟生物多樣性觀察網絡計劃 (Building the European Biodiversity Observation Network,EU BON) 」科技部計畫申請書,2014。
  8. 結合不同尺度自願性及專家調查地理資訊於物種空間推估之研究,科技部,民國103年。
  9. 土地利用之系統性保育規劃策略及模式研究—集水區生態系統服務面向,科技部,民國 103年。
  10. 台歐盟國台計畫一建立尺度相依衝擊評估之多尺度分析方法與工具於國家保育責任及保育規劃之研究,國科會,101-103年。
  11. 整合生態系統服務與生態水文於土地利用規劃模擬與決策支援系統建立之研究,國科會,民國101-103年。
  12. 永續水庫規劃研究(5)-水庫永續性與支援決策系統之整合評估,經濟部水利署水利規劃試驗所,民國100年。
  13. 永續水庫規劃研究(4)-永續水庫開發之規劃決策架構研究,經濟部水利署水利規劃試驗所,民國99年。
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  17. 加油站土壤及地下水污染調查計畫(),環保署,民國968月至982月。
  18. 區域性監測井管理及高污染潛勢地區地下水質調查,環保署,民國972月至9712月。
  19. 枯旱期石門水庫運轉規線探討,北區水資源局,民國934月至9312月。
  20. 水資源系統分析模式庫及資料庫建置與使用手冊編篡,水利署水利規劃試驗所,民國931月至9312月。